3/5/2010 She said…He heard

She said....He heard
"I love you like a brother"...."I hereby reject your manhood with six words."
"Does my butt look big in these?"...."Danger! Danger! You can't win! Don't answer this!
                                                                   Run Away!"
"Fine! Go out with your friends!"...."It's okay, honey.  Have a great time.  
                                                                  I'll be right here whenever you're ready.  
                                                                 Maybe I'll bake a pie."

-How to Be a Grown-Up  (p. 23)

by: Margaret Feinberg and Leif Oines
...part two will be on Monday don't worry:-) (He said...She heard)


  1. Melaney said,

    Hilarious; can’t wait for part two.

  2. destork said,

    I know! I got the book for Christmas from my parents and this was one of my favourite excerpts

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